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The copyright of all artwork, working designs and the final design of each piece will remain the property of Paul Gottschalk.

Work will not commence on a new commission until a copy of our contract has been signed and returned to us.

Any personal information with which you provide us, during the course of the work commissioned or during the ordering and delivery process for your piece of art metalwork will be kept solely for our use in connection with your business with us; names, addresses, email addresses, mobile and/or landline telephone numbers and any banking details.

If delivery is to be made by courier, we will pass only the name, delivery address and contact number, agreed by you, on to the transport company.

In our correspondence with you by email, we shall take reasonable precautions to protect your security. However, we cannot guarantee the security of emails sent or received and will not accept any liability arising out of the use of email in connection with your business with us.


The client must give an accurate budget framework within which the design and making is to be carried out.

Paul will try to give a realistic estimate of the potential costs involved with your project as soon as a final design has been settled upon. However estimates are subject to revision particularly where work is ongoing and additional issues arise which have to be dealt with. These contingencies may be late changes to the design on behalf of the client or any practical problems arising during progress on your project either during the making, installation or transport which were not foreseen at the time the initial agreement was signed and which require additional time or materials to resolve.


A design fee is charged for the initial consultation, through the design phase, to the completion of an agreed final design.

A deposit fee is required before any work commences on creating your project.

Interim payments will then be invoiced at the end of each full calendar month during which work is carried out, on or relating to your project.

If an interim bill is not paid promptly all work on your project will cease until such payment is made.

Paul Gottschalk/Gottschalk Studios retains title to all works complete or incomplete, which will only pass to the client, upon full payment of the final invoice.

All artwork, design and related photographs © Paul Gottschalk  2006

Website design © Jenny Gottschalk  2010

This forms the basis of our terms and conditions which are fully laid out in our contract.