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All artwork and design © Paul Gottschalk  2009

Photograph of Paul © Jenny Gottschalk  2008

All forging photographs © Jason Gottschalk  2009

Website design © Jenny Gottschalk  2010


We are in an era of increasing virtual reality where design more often pertains solely to the speed and cheapness of exploitative mass production in order to fill the current transient trends of instant gratification.

I challenge and oppose these tendencies through my individual application of the strength of design and the encapsulation of familial, spiritual and sexual energies to transfer and transmogrify using the basic elements of fire, air, water and earth, through alchemical workshop processes otherwise solid and unyielding materials to bring a natural juxtaposition to; the machine-made and the handmade; linear and curvilinear forms; tangible and intangible ideas, resulting in my personally and individually crafted sculpture and metalwork which perfectly fits this niche.

Constantly bombarded by negative imagery - war, devastating environmental issues and political controversies - it is easy to forget the beauty in life; of a voluptuous woman; of the landscape; of a leaf blown on the wind; or the closeness of a mother and child; or maybe even the enveloping warmth of sexual intimacy.

It is the balance between the male and female; the yin and yang; the contrasts between generations; and the ethereal spiritual ideas thus evoked

that I am continually exploring in my work.


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